About Nick Page

Nick is an autistic man with neuropathic issues who is passionate about society’s role in caring for all its members. His key issues include the need for a universal basic income, democratic reform to move beyond first past the post, and expanding the healthcare system to cover more areas such as dental, optometric, and pharmaceutical.

With a Math degree in Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization from the University of Waterloo, Nick has worked in data analysis, online content creation on Twitch, and is now doing tech consulting in the board game design industry. 

Nick believes that the pandemic has provided the backdrop for moving away from our piecemeal system of social safety nets and moving to a true universal basic income. Small businesses have suffered. Workers have suffered. The ultra rich have profited immensely. It’s critical that we take steps to spread the wealth now while the iron is hot because as automation scales up more and more things are only going to get worse for the average Canadian. 

Nick can be contacted on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at npndp@gmail.com. The campaign can be reached at nickpagecampaign@gmail.com.